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Exceptional Hardship

Presenting a genuine argument of Exceptional Hardship to a Court requires considerable legal skill and expertise.

Any argument put forward needs to be as strong and robust as possible and be able to demonstrate the serious impact a loss of license will have on either their own life or that of others, whether it is family members or employees in a business.

For example, the Court is obliged to impose a minimum disqualification of 6 months for a Totting Up offence (i.e. you have received 12 points on your license within a three year period) unless you can prove a case of exceptional hardship exists.

Exhaustive preparation and a thorough understanding of the Exceptional Hardship argument are vital if you are to have any hope of success in a Court of Law.

Please contact our motoring law team if you are facing a motoring allegation and believe that you have a strong argument of Exceptional Hardship.



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