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Making a Will

A Will is important for so many reasons, and yet still the majority of the population do not have one in place.

By failing to make a Will, you are failing to prepare for your family’s future. So many questions will remain unanswered. We all like to think we are invincible and will live for ever, but life tells us this is not the case.

There are a series of issues which can be addressed in a Will including:

  • What would happen to any surviving young children?
  • Are you happy for your children to inherit at 18 or do you think they should wait longer?
  • What is going to happen to the family home?
  • Are there any disabled dependents whose requirements need to be addressed?
  • What if you are unmarried, divorced or separated?

By making a Will – and updating it in the future should your situation change – you can prepare for all of these scenarios and others.

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