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Divorce and Separation

Together with being a parent, the most important relationship anyone will have in life is marriage.

This means that when a marriage breaks down, there is enormous pain, anguish and, in some cases, bitterness.

If it is apparent that the relationship is beyond repair, then divorce is most likely the right option.

It is often assumed that the process of divorce has to be confrontational and non-amicable. However, this approach often leads to further financial costs and emotional stress through court proceedings, particularly if there are children involved.

Haworth & Gallagher brings a fresh and innovative approach to divorce and separation. Instead of looking for a fight with the other party, we see our role as helping to reshape and restore the life of our client. Yes, we will secure you the right and best possible deal, but we are equally aware of our responsibility to help you get your life back on track in the best possible way.



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