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Mediation is a way to resolve disputes. Led by a trained mediator who will provide a safe and confidential space, mediation will enable you to work through your conflict and find a lasting solution. Mediators don’t take sides or judge, they will listen to what you each have to say before helping you work through your disputes. Whether you are separated, divorced, married or co-habiting, if you need to sort out your finances, agree who will live in the family home after a separation, or you need to make arrangements to see your children or grandchildren, mediation can help you. 

When faced with a family dispute, most people think that going to Court is their only option - but Court proceedings can be costly and can cause undue stress, especially for your children.

Even if you pay to take your case to Court, the Courts will expect you to have already attended mediation and a judge may even refuse to hear your case if you have not already tried to mediate. Mediation costs much less than Court proceedings and focuses on helping you to find the best solution for your family. 

Contact Jenny Griffin, Solicitor, for Haworth & Gallagher Mediation - let us help your family to find a way forward. 

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